With two ideally placed open stables right on the gallops’ doorstep, gives us a unique opportunity when training our horses. We have direct access to the gallops and a network of ‘bridleways’ without any need to go on the roads.


Having no more than 70 - 80 horses in any one period lets Hughie give both the horses and owners that personal touch. Recognising and personally overseeing each horse on a daily basis lets Hughie discuss every element of training with the owners, making sure they feel involved through the whole training experience.

1.5 Miles of Downland Turf Gallops

The old downland turf has been carefully managed for the benefit of the RACEHORSE for over a century. The ability/opportunity to gallop a horse over 1.5 miles without retracing their steps is virtually unique.

1 Mile Woodchip Gallop

We have some of the best all weather gallops you will find in the country. Our purpose built 1 mile long woodchip gallop gives us the ability to train in all weathers.




5 furlong sand gallop

The 5 furlong sand gallop has given us the ability to be even more flexible in training.